The Statistics of Violence

Statistics dictates that violence is an everyday occurrence, whether it’s a neighborhood shooting, cop-killing, black on black killing, white on white killing, military death, etc. According to Ben Best, a well-known activist in cryonics and life extension advocacy; author of Death by Murder, during 1976 through 2004 period, men committed 93.3% of felony murders and 85.5% of murders due to argument; 91.2% of gun homicides, 79.1% of arson homicides and 63.3% of poison homicides.

Mr. Best also stated that in 2004, murderers were at least twice as likely to be in the 18-24 age groups as in the 14-17 or 25-34 age groups (the next highest age groups).

According to Department of Justice (statistics bureau), 2005 statistic of Homicide trends in the US, African-Americans are 50% of all murder victims (see below and additional charts on Appendix B):

A. Age, Gender, and Race trends: Patterns of victimization and offending vary by age, gender, and racial group.

In 2005:

◊ Black males 18-24 years old had the highest homicide victimization rates. Their rates were more than double the rates for black males age 25 and older and almost 4 times the rates for black males 14-17 years old.

◊ Although much lower than the rates experienced in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, rates for black males ages 18-24 remain higher in 2005 than in earlier periods.


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