Current Projects:


The Haitian American Visionaries Association for humanity, Inc. ( is a 501© (3), Tax-exempt, non-profit organization base in New York, that is dedicated to provide constructive programs for impoverished youth in disadvantage communities throughout Haiti. With more than 500 families enrolled in our programs, it is more important than ever, especially post earthquake aftermath, that the organization provide basic humanitarian needs, such as shelter life, promoting basic education; mentor program, nutrition and medical care needs to those Haitian children. Moreover, create sustainable programs, which will empower individuals and their family who are seeking a better life.

Early this year, and I traveled to Haiti from March 10, 2011 through March 16, 2011 and has sponsored two impoverished, fishing communities, in Anse à Veau, Haiti. Anse à Veau is an isolated village with approximately 55,138 inhabitants. The village is 120 kilometers from Port-au-Prince. The area has very little infrastructure, and there are four waterways that must be crossed before you can reach the village. One of the rivers sometimes becomes impassable when it crests. For years, the people of Anse à Veau have been left to fend for themselves, obtaining food from fishing in the river and agricultural. In the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Anse à Veau was population increased with refugees from the afflicted areas. A large population lives in huts, without running water and limited electricity from generators, which normally powers the community for one or two hours after sunrise.

Currently, and I are returning to Haiti from December 15 through 19, 2011. We plan to host/organize four holiday parties in the families of Anse Au Veau. We anticipate approximately 500 children in more to attend our event and we would like provide the children with toys and school supplies. Please find my interview conducted by Society’s Choice about my work in Haiti.


On-going Opportunity:, on going project is to complete a school and build a community center in Anse A Veau. We currently sponsored the new school (see enclosed pictures); which will enroll more than 500 children in the coming academic year. Our project mission is to provide the children with financial support, school and education supplies (e.g. books) which will enable them to have a positive, meaningful and successful education experience.

Volunteer Opportunity:

The events will be for the youth of Anse A Veau. The volunteers will be are given the opportunity to give back to the Haitian community. Volunteers will distribute the donations to children and young people; this will be a positive experience for all involved, as it will foster community sentiments and interactions. The opportunity will also allow people living outside of the country to make connections that will create lasting bonds of community support.