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In 2009, Flip wrote a relationship guide. The book is a no-holds barred relationship-guide based on the experiences of a young man in today’ society. The book was self-published in 2011 and is available in for Kindles or can be purchase on the following websites:

Mike Valentino Intro:
Mike Valentino Intro: Trevor QueenzFlip Robinson is a Rapper who got in the Game young, and experienced more in a few short years than most do in a lifetime. This book offers his no-holds-barred opinions on what makes a relationship work, why they don’t work, and how you can fix them. It’s also a guide to pinpoint specific issues that people from all walks of life have to cope with every day in our hectic and often crazy world. Trevor offers down to earth, no-nonsense advice showing you how to overcome all of the stress that comes your way when life starts taking its toll on you. Hey, here’s the good news: there are solutions. There are answers. Now you just have to read the