About Us

flipsmHistorically, T “Flip” R, LLC (aka Flip), main purpose was to bring together Hip Hop and Pop Artists together to perform in the name of non-violence. Our program Inter-Boro H-Pop Artists Organization was created as a venue to bring these young artists together to seek their destiny. The organization purpose was not only for entertainment but to help children, teens and young adults to find another way to survive; to help them, to work against the “street” and other forms of violence. Many wanted fame; however, they understand in order to reach their destiny they had to make positive impacts on their lives, as well as, the lives of others. H-Pop Artists used their music to help to alleviate negative feelings and bring forth positive feelings through the upbeat sounds of its artists.


H-Pop Goals/Objectives:

H-Pop Artists traveled throughout the New York tri-state area and performed FREE concerts for young children through young adults.


Historical Projects:

In 2008, Flip completed three fundraiser events: two for the American Red Cross of Greater NYC and one for Actual Reality is nonprofit that founded Dare to Dream, a program that provides computer literacy and advanced technology training to Veterans in our metropolitan area. May through June of 2009, my organization conducted a free Hip-Hop school-tour at 13 elementary and Junior High School in Brooklyn and Queens.


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