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T “Flip” R, LLC (aka Flip), the corporation, was formed on May 1, 2008, as a for-profit organization by Marie Delus (President/Volunteer Partner) and Trevor Robinson (Vice President and Artist). The mission of Flip is to assistant Not-for-Profit Organizations, Small Business, and Corporation with their community, national and international charitable initiatives. The purpose is to provide basic humanitarian needs, such as enhancing shelter life, building schools, promoting basic education, nutrition and medical care needs to orphan and destitute children/families.


Our goals of Flip are:

  • Taking direct and personal interest in impoverish communities so as to identify and employ methods that will promote their physical, social and moral welfare.
  • Develop partnerships with Not-for-profit, municipal, regional non-governmental agencies and corporation in Haiti and the United States to further the organization’s mission.

Our objectives are to identify charitable initiatives; assist with the preparation of proposals; seek corporation sponsorships and State, Federal grants; organize/host fund-raising and various events.

How can I help the children through FLIP:
Seek/solicit financial assistance and/or donation from individuals, the public and private sector or organizations for the purposes stated herein. To help reduce poverty and discrimination among disadvantaged children and families; enter into contracts with Federal and State departments and agencies, the private sector or with institutions contributing to diversity growth for the purposes herein stated. Contact us and help…..


Please click the link below to donate and support our causes: